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Port Royale is cleaned and maintained very successfully by our staff who are entitled to a stress-free and safe working environment. It is both the moral and legal responsibility of your Committee and the Community in general to achieve this environment for them. There have been a number of recent verbal confrontations between members of an agitator group and members of our staff and after due warning I have been naming and shaming the individuals concerned on the Community web site so that all owners can be aware of what is going on. If necessary I will continue to do this in the hope that it will bring such behaviour to a close.

The group of agitators have taken to publishing false information regarding your staff and Committee Members on a Facebook page set up and run by Paul ‘Mr Thermometer Man’ who continues the publication knowing it to be false despite being legally responsible, as moderator, for the Facebook page in question. The main contributors of the false information all have a ‘personal axe to grind’ and I list them below.

Carmelo Brito – Who asked to join the Committee and was co-opted on. It was subsequently discovered that he was working against the Committee by assisting an Italian owner and a former Italian owner working against Port Royale and by a unanimous vote was dismissed from the Committee.

Carmen Mohamed – Whose husband Ibrahim was dismissed from Port Royale employment for gross misconduct of threatening in a rage to kill an employee and his wife together with a Committee Member.

Nigel and Michelle Brown – after I refused to spend owners money to take the CEO of Hollywood mirage to Court (he had the best Lawyers on the Island) to try to force the eviction of the tenant of Apto 84 with whom the Browns were having a neighbour squabble. They have been trouble ever since.

Sheila Carter- has never forgiven us for evicting her in 2005 from the Presidency over highly improper practices.

Paul ‘Mr Thermometer Man’ – who erroneously believes that I sent him a letter, some 14 years ago, regarding complaints from our cleaners regarding his dog urinating in corridors. I did not send any such letter. He continues to knowingly publish false information. He is really just playing to his audience to show them how clever he is.

At no time have any of the above persons shown the decency or common courtesy to approach either myself or any member of your committee to ask for the true information before rushing into the Facebook page to publish false / highly biased information or questions. Had they done so they could have been given true information although that would appear not to suit their purposes.

Spare tiles for the pool area seems to occupy their thoughts and conversations. I can assure everybody that we have a good supply of spare tiles in stock. Before any of the group jump in and scream ‘why aren’t you using them then’ I can tell all of you the following.

During the record high temperatures experienced in Tenerife we experienced extreme expansion of the tiles in the pool area causing tenting in limited areas. The Committee examined the areas in question and came to the conclusion that the tiling contractor had provided insufficient construction joints. The contractor was asked to rectify the problem but ignored our requests. It is important in such situations that we are seen not to interfere with the area or the contractor would certainly claim that it was not his work that was the problem but our repairs. We took legal action against the contractor and won the case and the Judge has ordered the contractor to rectify his work to comply fully with the tile manufacturers installation recommendations and we are in the process of enforcing the court order. The above could easily have been given to any owner requesting information. In the event, nobody asked.

The new pool area gates features in the conversations whether we got 3 quotes? why didn’t we repair the old gates? what happened to the old gates? Etc etc.

The pool area gates were changed after many complaints from owners regarding persons from other complexes invading our pool area, especially in summer months crowding out our own owners. Indeed the Browns were amongst the most vociferous regarding this topic at the time. We inspected the Royal Palm renewed fencing and gates and were impressed with the quality, all gates required keys to get in and out curing the non-owner access problem. Royal Palm had competitive quotes and we used the same contractor. The contractor is the same that the majority of you have used for your own security gates and grills. We got a quote for repairing the old gates but they were really beyond bringing them up to the quality of what we now have and were not really fit for purpose. The price difference between repairs and new gates was not great.

Questions have been raised regarding ‘what happened to the old gates and we could have sold them for scrap etc’ This really shows up the fact that the ‘agitators’ don’t have an ounce of business acumen or experience between them. It is standard contract procedure to make the contractor responsible for clearing the site at the end of the job and disposing of all materials according to all recycling regulations. With the price of scrap ‘light mild steel’ so low it would have cost the Community more to hire a lorry and labour to take it to the nearest scrap metal yard than we would have received for it, plus we do not hold a waste disposal or transport licence to comply with the law.

Pool Temperature – We maintain the pool at a set point of 26.5ºC/80ºF which is the Tourism/Hotels standard as explained more fully in a separate article. There are three calibrated thermocouple thermometers which all agree with each other that control both the solar and heat pump systems. Somebody suggesting that a relative could have done the job for 3000€ is absolutely laughable and complete nonsense. There are sound technical and financial reasons to not operate at higher temperatures, if anybody needs to know please speak to me directly, it would take up too much room here.

Reducing Community Fees- as suggested by Carmello Brito is extremely poor economics. Any small dip in fees, which people soon forget, simply brings you more quickly to the point where you need to put them back up again by a larger amount which upsets everyone more. It is much better to hold the fees steady with no increase for as long as possible or to just keep pace with the INE cost of living index to avoid future larger increases as any competent economist will advise. Over the last 16 years, 14 years have seen no increase in fees, due to my personal engineering activities. During this period the INE cost of living index shows that in real terms there has been a fees reduction of more than 50% while at the same time you have seen a huge increase in facilities made available to you which has significantly increased the value of your property investment in Port Royale, that is good sound economics.

Sacking All The Staff - Carmen Mohamed has loudly announced to the world that they are going to get a new President and sack all of the workers. What a fantastic Morale Booster for our staff. Consider this scenario should her announcement ever be enacted. The cleanliness and maintenance appearance of the complex would plummet. There would be no access to the Owners Office. At the moment Port Royale is a much sort after complex and we would soon lose that status, complex appearance and facilities are a priority, property values would fall, ask any estate agent. The resulting Employment Compensation payments would be huge and would cripple community finances.

AGM Cancellation- is due to Government Covid-19 Regulations. Any meeting of more than 4 persons is at present, illegal. Please be clear this is a cancellation and not a postponement.

Zoom or other internet AGM is unlawful / illegal under Spanish law and would have no effect in any shape or form. Any Zoom arranged ‘meeting’ purporting to be an AGM for Port Royale or connected to Port Royale such that owners may be induced to participate thinking it is an AGM meeting may well be an offence under Spanish law.

Moans and groans- over questions at AGM’s. Everybody has ALL YEAR to ask any questions they like. You are also given a month once you have the President’s Report, the Accounts, the Auditors Report, and the Agenda to ask any questions you wish. Many owners feel too shy or embarrassed to stand up in meetings and they are entitled to the same facilities as everyone else. Sheila Carter is completely wrong when she asserts that you are legally entitled to raise any question you wish under Item 5 any other business. The AGM is to carry out the legally required business of the Port Royale Owners Association as listed on the published Agenda sent to all owners and nothing else. This is why we are able to keep our AGM’s short and to the point which is what the majority of owners appreciate and like, unlike the several hours of mayhem without even the Accounts and any Presidents Report that posed as an AGM in years gone by.

Klemens our Gardening Contractor- Decided not to renew his annual contract with us giving us a months notice as required by his contract. Over previous years Klem, while rushing around, would occasionally leave water mains turned on when leaving site. The manic rushing around was mainly due to not allocating sufficient time to the job. During the last twelve months, flooding became unfortunate regular occurrences causing substantial water damage to garden walls, rendering, and paintwork etc. requiring costly repairs. However, it was never Klems fault, it would be children or burglars turning it back on after he had left despite needing a key to operate the water valves which only Klem possessed. Whenever he was reprimanded for the damage caused he would cut down a perfectly healthy tree / shrub / large cactus etc out of misguided revenge

The watering system was modified in an effort to help stop flooding and hose points were installed for plant watering which Klem expressed his preference for but then hosepipes were left running all night having not been turned off before leaving site. After Klem's departure it was discovered that during November a large number of plant watering capillaries had been bent over and sealed with green gardener’s cable ties leaving plants without water? We now have a new full-time gardener/handyman who is the holder of several professional certificates/licences covering gardening, fumigation, pool maintenance, chemical spraying etc. who is working well to recover our gardens.

Derek Manning

President of Port Royale

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