🇬🇧 The Water Vending Machine Has Moved.

The Police require that the pool and solarium area be locked down 24/7, except for those who reside within the pool area. When informed that the complex water machine is sited within that area they gave two options.

  1. Open the pool area for one hour a day so that residents can collect water.

  2. Move the machine and keep the pool closed.

Your Committee has unanimously decided to move the machine. Its new location is on the next level up from where it was, adjacent to the blue doors to our pump room and opposite the entrance to Apto 78. Go to the terrace above what was the pool bar, look to the right and you will see two blue doors, approach them and in the alcove to the right you will find the machine.

Those of you who have for years climbed from below the pool level will have one more level to go. Once on the pool level go to the south end of the corridor, walk between Apts 287 and 288, go up the stairway in front of you and turn left, go to the end of the corridor and turn right to the blue doors.

Those of you who have for years climbed down to the pool level are lucky, you have one level less. Descend to the terrace above the pool bar and do a “U” turn to the right towards the blue doors.

For those of you who are worried about contamination be assured our cleaners are disinfecting the machine buttons daily but you are quite free to do your own decontamination as well. I know most of you will as it is common sense. Any disinfectant wipe will do.

For those who do not want to use the machine, water is still available from food stores and you will have to deal with the issue of carrying water up the hill. Water is normally available from the Office, but the Office is closed until 13th April 2020, and possibly for longer, on Government Orders.

A point also to note is that the water out of your apartment taps is perfectly safe to drink and cook with. It has a higher level of minerals in particular calcium which as you know in the young and elderly builds strong bones. The President, who is a scientist, has drunk our tap water since 1987 for some 33 years.

The main benefits of moving the machine are;

  1. The machine remains in a central position for all the residents.

  2. It is now available 24/7

  3. A noise level reading was taken within 2 meters while filling a large bottle. It gave 9.6dBA above ambient which is low. So those living above the pool are shielded by the building and will hear it even less than they did when it was in the pool. It will not be a noise nuisance to anybody

Mick Hudson


Port Royale website:


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