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In Spain and its territories, TV is financed by a levy on private broadcasters and telecommunications companies. There is no TV Licensing Authority for general public viewing.

At the moment the Spanish government is making way for 5G.

5G Will take up its own spread of the nations allocated frequencies, it is causing the re-allocation of TV, Radio and Satellite broadcasting stations, to other frequencies.

If you suddenly find a broadcasting station has disappeared, like Gold, retune your TV set.

The law dictates that Administrators of complexes have an obligation, only to supply the National TV and Radio broadcasting networks to their occupants, in our case Spanish Language only.

All the broadcasting aerials that cover our area are located on the top of the hill behind us. Unfortunately, they are set back on the hill and there is no direct line of sight between us and the aerials. Because of this, we are unable to receive analogue TV Broadcasting, so years ago we opted for a different system.

We have our own satellite system, fully paid for and operational.

However, it does not come without problems, like my sky system in the UK, it is prone to be affected by bad weather, heavy prolonged rain and thunderstorms play havoc with it as it does on occasion at Port Royale.

At certain times of the year, the Sun lines up directly with the dish, the sun's radiation overpowers the satellite signal disrupting viewing usually around 10 am for 20 minutes.

We also have a multi-language community that has grown used to having their own channels.

With a satellite system, you need decoders in the form of code cards to unscramble multi-language channels. Some of the cards come with stations that we already have which cannot be edited from them.

They are not free and television cost the community €14,878.04 last year.

Divided by 316 apt’s = €47.08 per apt a year.

Divide that by 365 days = €00.12.89 a day

For 147 Channels comprising 107 TV and 40 radio channels, that's pretty impressive.

I have heard people on the complex saying that our TV is too expensive, so what are the alternatives.

Port Royale Broadband €150.00 per year per apt.

Port Royale Broadband for 316 apt's = €47,400

Divided by 365 days = 41.09 cents per day.

Using an Amazon Fire-stick, Smart TV, downloaded apps to stream live TV and films. VPN (Virtual Private Network) stops your internet provider realising what you are doing and then throttling back your bandwidth, causing massive buffering and slow viewing.

If everyone on Port Royale did this our broadband would be overloaded.

Movistar gives you fast fibre optic Internet + TV + Phone + Films.

€780.00 per year, €65.00 per month, €02.13 per day per apt.

€780.00 x 316 apt’s = €246.480 per year for the whole community.

Orange also gives you fast fibre optic Internet + TV + Phone + Films.

Minimum 18-month contract €80.00 per month.

€960.00 per year, €80.00 per month, €2.63 per day per apt.

€960.00 x 316 apt’s = €303,360 per year for the whole community.

The costs of streaming straight from your mobile phone to your smart TV, using unlimited data plans from your mobile phone contracts is the last option. The costs vary between contracts, €15 - €30 per month for pay as you go and sim only deals. You will need to check the small print for Fair Data Usage, Data Caps and Data Speeds. You also need a good signal.

So there you have it if anyone out there thinks our TV is expensive. Then please submit details of how it can be made cheaper for the whole complex, that's 316 apt’s.

Without just saying switch it off or that we should do our own as individuals, which you have seen is more costly.

Michael Hudson


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