Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Recently on Port Royale we have again experienced the most unwelcome problem of a major blockage in our sewer system.

The blockage was so large and unyielding that it was beyond the scope of our own equipment and we were obliged to call in a specialist outside contractor.

In order to bring in his large machinery, it was even necessary to remove one set of swimming pool gates.

The main cause of the blockage, which took more than two days to clear, turned out to be a huge, tangled mass of wet wipes.

This incident was very costly for the community as well as being disruptive and unpleasant. It should also have been completely unnecessary.

There has been so much publicity in recent times about the problems caused by flushing wet wipes down the toilet that there is surely no-one who is unaware of the issue and really no excuse.

We appeal to all owners to refrain from flushing such items as wipes, sanitary ware, nappies, and even clothing (!) down the loo and to ensure that any guests they have are made aware of this important issue.

It should be noted that even those wipes that claim to be flushable are also a problem.

PLEASE PLEASE dispose of them with your rubbish and take them to the basura hut for disposal.


A very small amount of the total removed

Derek Manning

President of Port Royale


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