🇬🇧Agitation and Staff Bullying Continues

Agitation and Staff Bullying Continues

Agitator Action

We have a ‘new kid on the block’ associated with our group of agitators in the name of Paul ‘Mr Thermometer Man’ who has appointed himself Lord High Keeper of the pool temperature and Moderator of a ‘Facebook’ page for the agitators to moan to each other regarding topics of Port Royale. Mr Thermometer Man is an unemployed associate of the timeshare industry or whatever it is termed these days and has taken to swimming on a daily basis in the pool. Although not an owner, he takes it upon himself to try to stir up trouble because the temperature of the pool is/was not to his liking.

The Port Royale Pool is maintained to the Tourist Industry standard of 26.7ºC / 80ºF regardless of what is claimed by agitators. There are sound technical reasons not to operate above this temperature. The pool heat pump system is operated from the beginning of November through to the end of March which is again the industry standard. We also have a pool solar heating system that runs throughout the year which is over and above the industry standard and saves considerable power costs over the winter period. During prolonged cloudy and windy periods the solar system may not be able to keep the temperature at the required set point, similar to you blowing across a hot cup of coffee to reduce the temperature to be able to drink it. During such a situation there are not likely to be many if any people wishing to swim and the situation will only be of a temporary nature. During the winter period, the heat pump will automatically start and compensate for any dip in temperature, regardless of any agitation or false information from Mr Thermometer Man.

Operating a Facebook page, for which he is legally responsible for any false and libellous information published is pointless. If only the moaners have access they can moan until the cows come home but nothing will change until myself and the Committee become aware of the subject of the moaning justified or not.

Staff Bullying Continues

I have to say that dealing with our group of agitators on a continual basis is like dealing with a bunch of unruly children, playground bullies.

At present, the Browns are back in the UK for a while so we hoped for a quiet period for a change but alas not so!

A few weeks ago we were approached by Sheila Carter who claimed that all of the furniture within Apto 279, which she manages for the owner, had been stolen and asked us to check our security camera recordings to try to identify those responsible, but the period indicated was so long and vague that no persons could be identified. On Monday 23rd November I was asked to give Sheila and her daughter access to the maintenance tunnel (actually our pump room) where she claimed that Terry, our Maintenance Man, had assisted a tenant of Apto 279 to store some furniture. In the event, I could not gain entrance due to a new lock having been fitted in my absence and I told them that they would need to return when Terry was present. Later that day Sheila was informed that the room was actually empty, having been cleared of rubbish in 2018 ready for conversion to storage units for owners to hire and that nothing had been stored in that room since. When informed of this Sheila began screaming down the telephone, heard by those present on the speakerphone, that Terry was entirely responsible for the furniture going missing and was a liar. Terry has no knowledge whatsoever of any furniture and certainly did not assist any tenant of hers to store anything anywhere and Sheila’s claim was a complete fabrication on her part. Where did Sheila obtain such information was it from her tenant perchance who has managed to con her (possibly twice) over this?

Following this event, Sheila has taken to regularly seeking out and passing Terry, wherever he is working, shouting liar at him in an intimidating and belligerent manner. This behaviour cannot be tolerated and I call it out to name and shame her for such bullying tactics.

Derek Manning


Port Royale

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